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1948 Leaf Baseball Homage Photoshop PSD Templates

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1948 Leaf Baseball Homage Photoshop PSD Templates

If you have ever wanted to create your own trading cards, you can create the iconic 1948 Leaf Baseball card you have always wanted to be on. Or maybe you want to make cards for that little league player you know.

Files include high-resolution Photoshop PSD Template(s) that are completely customizable to your needs.

Includes templates for:

- 1948 Leaf Baseball Front

- 1948 Leaf Baseball Back

Will also include any font(s) used to be installed on your system.

If you have a Photo printer, you can print out your own Trading Cards!

Or you can use a professional service, easily found online to have them print it out for you!

Please refer to the Digital Product(s) Terms & Conditions that are included with the file.

You will get a 7Z (3MB) file

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